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Expertly written lesson plans which touch on every area
of learning and development from the EYFS are supported
by lively, imaginative music and complementary activity sheets designed to extend the basic musical concepts as well as
other educational themes such
as counting, colour recognition and pencil control.

EYMAM is presented in an easily downloadable, simple to follow format with PDF lesson plans, photocopiable activity sheets
and MP3 files.

These are grouped together
into Online Resource Packs (ORPs) which can be purchased and downloaded instantly from our online shop.

EYMAM isn’t exclusively for use
in preschools
.  Any combination
of adults and children – parents
at home with their little ones,
parent and child groups,
childminders – can benefit from
sharing the EYMAM experience.


Everything you need is available
at the click of a button
and no
complex skills or resources are

Simple percussion instruments can even be homemade eg. a saucepan and a wooden spoon.


The key ingredients are a smile and a willing child and EYMAM will bring it all together for you
to have a great time learning
about music and so much more without even realising.

EYMAM lesson plans contain a mixture of traditional and original songs and activities covering the following basic
musical concepts; steady beat, rhythm, tempo and dynamics. Each contains simple to follow guidance for the adult
leading the session and can be adapted to suit the age and developmental level of the children participating in the
session. Even the youngest can benefit from the simple rhymes and lively songs, many of which have been written
and recorded specifically for EYMAM.


The complementary activity sheets add an extra dimension to the EYMAM experience, providing opportunities for
discussion on a variety of musical and wider educational concepts as well as providing the children with a physical
experience to enhance their learning.


The EYFS linked observation sheets are a valuable resource for early years practitioners and the Learning, Skills
and Fun sheets summarise the multiple educational opportunities which can be gained from the whole ORP.



For the amazing price of just £15, each EYMAM
Online Resource Pack (ORP) comprises:

- 5 unique lesson plans

- 5 complementary activity sheets

- 5 EYFS linked observation sheets

- An MP3 file linked to each lesson
  plan with audio start and stop cues

- A Learning, Skills and Fun sheet for
  the whole ORP

EYMAM contains 10 ORPs, each with 5 separate lesson sets so it can potentially be used to provide
a yearlong music and movement curriculum with 50 weeks worth of lessons. And each lesson set
can be used any number of times, with different
age groups, over and over again, making it tremendous value for money.


Purchase all 10 ORPS for £100 and save £50! ©EYMAM 2014

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